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About GHC

"Society is an open ended partnership between generations. The dead, and the not
yet born, are as much a part of society as the living. To dishonor the dead is to reject the relationship
upon which society is built, the relationship of obligation between generations. Those who have lost respect
for the dead, have ceased to be trustees of their inheritance."  --Gods and Generals
director Ron Maxwell, guest of honor at the 2003 Sons of Confederate Veterans convention quoting Edmund Burke's
famous Parliament speech.
Dear visitors, the above is the essence of what we are about. If you do not understand what it means, do
not bother to read any further. You are no longer a trustee...or qualified to be one. For those of you who do
understand, welcome to the Heritage Wars.
We use the phrase "Heritage Wars" because our heritage is under attack. Destroying our heritage is, in effect,
destroying the fabric that holds our society together. As Winston Churchill said, “A nation that forgets its past has
no future.” For the sake of our future and that of our children, we must preserve and restore our heritage, our
true history.

Georgia Heritage Council is a group of Georgia citizens taking
action to correct the recent abuses of trust by our State government
with respect to our heritage.  We cannot stand by as public
officials trample our liberties, deny our history and malign our symbols
and our religious faith.  "Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots"
may choose not to stand with us, but like Thomas Paine
in the 18th century, we believe the time to act is now.

council includes descendants of veterans of the Revolution and the
War Between the States
from both sides (whose veterans are jointly recognized as American veterans),
and members of other veteran's organizations, as well as Native Americans
and conservative black Americans.  Anyone who shares our
commitment to justice and liberty and traditional American values is welcome.
If you believe, as we do, that unless we
take action our children and grandchildren will be denied the
birthright of their proud heritage, we invite you to join and
work with us as we not only preserve but restore our heritage in

If you don't know history, you don't know anything. You're a leaf that doesn't know it's part of a
tree. ----Michael Crichton" A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday does not know
where it is today..." --Gen. Robert E. Lee

The Georgia Heritage Council was created to preserve and restore our great heritage. Our surveys
have revealed that a huge number of Georgia citizens feel their State goverment has lost touch with them. Our elected
officials have become the intentional or unintentional pawns of anti-Southern, commercial and special interest
groups. They are working hand in hand to create an 'New South' which is nothing more than an ethnic cleansing of
our world famous Southern heritage. They have declared WAR on the South. The GHC intends to fight these Heritage
tooth and nail. We will use education, coalition building, investigative reporting, and all the modern media
tools to expose what they are doing to destroy traditional Georgia. And if necessary, we will work to defeat every
politician that sides with the Heritage matter how many years it takes to do it.
The key issues identified by the Council are:

  • Strict enforcement of
    existing immigration laws

    by state agencies. Strict limitation of benefits for illegal aliens including no driver permits or
    preferential education benefits
    The GHC believes that all residents of Georgia should follow the law. Illegal aliens are
    granted discriminatory preferential treatment. The low cost labor profits pocketed by greedy commercial
    lobbies are passed onto traditional Georgians through a myriad of higher social and infrastruture costs...
    literally a tax upon which they are never allowed to vote. Both the Republicans and Democrats are doing this,
    differing only in their preferred deceptions and manipulations. They are Reconstructing traditonal Georgia
    and risking our state and national security through their greedy negligence. Those pursuing this subversive
    role should be identified and replaced at the ballot box by loyal Georgians.
  • Improved
    on state boards, commissions
    and authorities for citizens with heritage interests;
    Under the Barnes and Perdue Administrations the various state boards, commissions and
    authorities are being filled with individuals who have failed to support the citizens of Georgia on Heritage
    issues. Instead they have supported the views of outside agitators, been corrupted by corporate influence, or
    forced their New South political correctness upon traditional Georgians. Heritage activist Georgians have
    routinely been excluded from these positions. Just this year, the Stone Mountain operator who has been a
    leader in the ethnic cleansing of Stone Mountain mysteriously got a $3 million bailout (during the budget
    crisis) to cover losses incurred from traditional Georgians who boycott the park due to the atrocious behavior
    of Silver Dollar City toward traditional Georgians.
    The Perdue Administration appointments will be monitored and he will be held accountable for
    his appointments. So far the score is traditional Georgians zero. Perdue has snubbed this large block of
    Georgians who helped make him governor, thinking he would be different from King Roy Barnes. It appears we
    have swapped King Roy for Chicken Perdue, who has chosen to side with the ethnic cleansers of Georgia. A look
    at his multi-million campaign donations will reveal some of the top Heritage Haters of Georgia.
  • Return of the '56 Flag stolen in 2001;
    Throughout the State of Georgia it is a well known fact that one-term Governor Roy Barnes was purchased with Campaign cash
    to enact the will of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the downtown Atlanta elite with regard to the state flag and other issues. The Georgia legislature defied
    the well-known will of Georgians on the state flag and it's time they made things right. Depite the shrill mantra from the Chamber's media mouthpieces that "the flag issue is over," virtually
    everyone in Georgia can plainly see that it's not over (see car tags, bumper stickers and flags flying all over the state). For many Georgians, it will NEVER be over until the people get
    AT LEAST a fair vote on the matter. Just as the legislature stole the people's flag by legislative fiat (on behalf of a few corporate elites), they could
    restore the '56 flag just a quickly on behalf of the people. THEN we could talk "vote" if the people agree. Conventional wisdom says that there are not sufficient legislators with the courage to do
    what's right. They need some form of political cover. That's where a Fair Vote comes in. If our legislature lacks the fortitude to
    do what's right. Perhaps they should be replaced. We are not, however, afraid to live with the free choice made by the people of
    Georgia. LET US VOTE and let the chips fall where they may.
  • Inclusion of the 1956
    Georgia flag in a referendum

    Our world-famous '56 Memorial Flag, created to fly over Georgia as part of our Civil War
    cennential celebrations, was a living monument to both our soldiers and civilians who bled, suffered and died,
    during that horrible conflict and the equally horrible Reconstruction, which continues on to this day. The
    Memorial flag's exclusion from the bogus March referendum was nothing more than a continuing chapter in the ethnic
    cleansing of Georgia. The polls all showed that the '56 flag would easily win in a public vote. Modern day
    carpetbaggers teamed up with modern day scalawags to subvert the people's will. Traditional Georgians must
    decide whether they will rule their own lives or be ruled by the Heritage Haters, and watch what is left of
    our heritage put to the sword and the torch. House bill 899, requiring the official ethnic cleansing of
    traditional Southern symbols from all public places quickly followed the passage of the rigged Perdue flag referendum. It
    is time that the Heritage Haters are treated to their own methods. We must do unto them before they do unto us.
    All Turncoat politicians, from both parties, must be removed from public office.
  • Opposition to the "ethnic
    cleansing" of America's religious heritage

    and the key role it played in building the
    foundations of our Republic.

    The GHC clearly recognizes that our country was established as a Christian nation that would
    practice religious tolerance. America has always been the leader in the world in this respect. We clearly
    recognize the wisdom and principles established by Our Founding Fathers and oppose the efforts to eliminate
    our Christian Heritage. The elimination of our Christian heritage foundations from public property view, is
    just another chapter in the heritage cleansing of America by the Heritage Haters. Any elected official who
    cooperates in eliminating the principles upon which our country, the envy of the world, was founded should be
    replaced. The position that these symbols are offensive is historically ridiculous.

  • Education is a keystone in all our efforts. Many of the battles currently being waged against Southern Heritage
    and religious heritage are taking place in our schools.
    The Georgia Heritage Council seeks to restore true history to our
    schools' curricula along with restoring Christian values and work ethic to our schools. The "ethnic cleansing"
    of religious values and morals from schools is directly related to the numerous discipline problems and poor
    academic performance. Georgia consistently ranks at or near the bottom in standardized test scores relative to
    other states. This situation is unacceptable and we, the people of Georgia, must hold ourselves, our elected
    officials and our employees---the teachers and school officials---accountable for correcting it. The dumbing
    down of America is part of the Heritage Wars. In addition, we see "judicial activism" at both the federal and state levels as
    a big part of the problem.  We must hold our elected representatives accountable for impeaching or removing judges who abuse their
    authority and elected executives accountable for refusing to enforce their illegal or
    unconstitutional rulings. 

  • Gun Rights
      - the right of the People guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is under attack at the national and local levels.

    GHC believes that Georgians must defend the rights of law-abiding citizens to possess firearms.
    This is a fundamental right. The Framers of our Constitution did not qualify this right or make it dependent on the purpose of the weapon or
    the weapon's design. Their clear intent was to give the citizen a means to defend his rights against government abuse. This is founded in the fundamental and
    inalienable God-given right of all people to defend themselves and their property against all threats. Thousands of laws already on the books at the state and national
    level provide actionable punishment for crimes committed with firearms. There is no merit in further restricting the rights of the People with respect to firearm ownership
    and possession.

Jim Dean –  404-966-6827


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