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Ralph "Roll-them-Dice" Reed gets his just desserts for being a lying hypocrite---and there's more coming...

Commentary by Steve Scroggins

Many former Republicans and more than a few current ones have always had a problem with Ralph Reed. There was always something just a little phoney about him. Was it his sissie GQ baby-face? Or maybe the oiliness of his diction? To me he just came across as a caricature, too much of the exaggerated Boy Scout with a phoney "aw-shucks" that alternated with righteous confidence. Even though media attention and media attacks made him a natural 'underdog' to whom most conservatives and Christians would rally, he just left some doubts.

Over the last four years or so, those doubts have proven worthy.

Reed became the Georgia Republican chairman in 2001 as Tom Crawford's story below will detail. In 2002, Reed's colors became even more visible. After Perdue's stunning defeat of Roy Barnes (or rather the People's stunning defeat of Barnes), Reed came out to say that Perdue's promise of a Fair Vote on the state flag was a "non-factor" and "insignificant." The question for many of us then was this: Is Reed training Perdue to be a liar? Or is Perdue training Reed to be a liar? But there was no doubt, they are BOTH Liars with a capital "L."

Some thought that Perdue's post-election ambiguity on the flag vote merely signalled that he was pumping his own ego...after all, no politician wants to believe that the voters voted only AGAINST his opponent rather than FOR him. But it seemed evident to everyone, even the "analysts," that the election result was more of a rejection of Barnes than it was an embrace of Perdue.

Many held on to the belief that Perdue would keep his promise on the mistaken assumption that any politician who made such a bold promise would NOT have the guts (stupidity) to renege on that promise. And make no mistake, EVERYONE---including political enemies---BELIEVED that Perdue promised a flag vote to include the '56 flag and that he intended to honor it. I call your attention to the hissie-fit pitched by one female (now-former) state Senator in which she called Perdue a 'racist'...she was convinced that Perdue meant to let the people vote---a FAIR vote---on their flag. Oh, the horror! Letting the people choose would be unconscionable!

Then there were numerous whining and wailing editorials from P.C. newspapers and propagandists across the state lamenting that Perdue was returning Jim Crow to Georgia. Lynchings would the order of the day. Someone might propose a return of chattel slavery. Industry would flee Georgia overnight. The clock would be rolled back to 1930 or 1900. The NAACP would boycott Georgia. It was a dark, dark day in Georgia according to those fools. But my point here is made, everyone believed that Perdue meant to keep his promise and let the people vote on the state flag. Everyone, including the press, believed there would be a lot of controversy about it. And most everyone knew that the popular '56 flag would win big.

Sure, the warning signs were there, such as when Governor-elect Perdue would not allow '56 flags to be displayed at several events after his victory. Perdue started being very vague about the flag vote. Then there were the campaign voices, such as Reed and Perdue, denying or down-playing the significance of the flag-vote to Perdue's win. But many believed that Perdue wouldn't be stupid enough to renege on that promise.

In what we now know was a ploy, Perdue introduced HB-380 in early 2003, which provided for a "funky" two stage vote (during primaries!) and would include three flags instead of just two. Perdue's proposal was to have a vote between the 2001 blue Barnes flag, the 1956 flag and the pre-1956 flag. This did NOT please the SCV and other heritage organizations who wanted a straight Barnes vs. the '56 vote. But as long as the '56 was included, the heritage organizations would go along.

To make a long story short, Perdue and Sen. Tom Price sold the people's flag vote for support on a tobacco tax. The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, via its corporate members, contributed huge sums to Perdue's campaign chest to win influence...and they openly bragged about their influence to deny the people of Georgia a true and fair vote on their state flag. It was also rumored that Bush campaign people pressured Perdue and Reed to assure that no Confederate-based state flag was on the ballot for the 2004 general election.

Sure enough, the bogus hoax referendum between two politician's flags was held during the presidential preference primaries in 2004. It was the lowest voter turnout in 20 years, yet the Perdue crowd repeatedly claimed that voters overwhelmingly supported his counterfeit flag.
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Somewhere along the line, the Georgia Republicans have convinced themselves that they are bulletproof. They apparently don't believe that history repeats itself. StuPerdue doesn't believe we have the Kryptonite bullets to remove him like his predecessor. Not only do they lie to the People, they lie to themselves.

As has been pointed out before, Perdue is going to pay a heavy price for his treachery. Despite the almost 100 flaggings of Perdue since May 2003, the fun is just beginning. SONNY LIED has become the Official State sign.

And to put icing on the cake, Ralph "Roll them Dice" Reed is running for office, too. Some have said that Ralph Reed is a "pathological liar." The evidence of that is substantial. So it will be fun to watch how Reed explains his own systematic political destruction by the flaggers. It will be even more fun to watch as the flaggers hound Reed at every campaign stop. As we like to say here in Georgia, "There just ain't no end to doing good."

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Political Notes – Campaign chatter
by Tom Crawford on 4/27/2005

In the lieutenant governor’s race, political consultant Ralph Reed who’s running against Cagle for the Republican nomination) had a confrontation with Confederate flag supporters at a recent fundraiser held at a plastic surgery clinic in Cobb County.

A digital photo that is making the rounds of the internet community shows Reed talking to several of these flaggers, one of whom is carrying a sign that reads, “Ralph is a liar.” The flaggers are evidently not pleased that Reed is trying to align his campaign with that of Gov. Sonny Perdue, who’s in trouble with the Southern heritage crowd because there hasn’t been a referendum vote on the 1956 version of the state flag.

One of the flaggers talked about the Reed event in an email message:

“We had a great time doing ‘Indian War Chants,’ the Tomahawk chop, and other casino related hoots and hollers as ‘the dealer’ called out the winning hands. Ralph claims he is on our side and doesn't understand why we were targeting him. The best part was when he tried to claim all the things he was quoted as saying was ‘distorted by the liberal news media’ . . . Ralph was told all he had to do was make an accurate statement to the press about the flag issue and we would leave him be. He could even put it on his website and that would be good enough for me. I doubt he will do either, but alas the opportunity has been afforded Ralph to avoid any more of this . . .”

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Political Notes – Reed and the flaggers, chapter 2
by Tom Crawford on 4/28/2005

The recent confrontation between Ralph Reed and Confederate heritage activists at a political fundraiser actually dates back to the state Republican Convention in May 2001, we are informed.

That was just three months after then-governor Roy Barnes and the Democratic leadership in the General Assembly engineered the changeover from the 1956 version of the state flag, which prominently featured the Confederate battle emblem, to the blue design that served as the official flag for the next two years.

Chuck Clay was stepping down as party chairman at that convention and the three candidates running to replace him were Reed, David Shafer and Maria Strollo. The convention delegates elected Reed as the new party chairman. A large group of Confederate flag supporters attended the convention and planned to ask delegates to adopt a resolution condemning Barnes and calling for a statewide flag referendum.

Here is how one of the Southern heritage activists described what happened next (from a widely circulated email):

It is Bad enough what Roy Barnes did to our State Flag, betraying the Heritage of our Great State. It was even Worse that some Legislative Republicans went along with it. But what happened at the State Republican Convention is Inexcusable.

Supporters of the Traditional State Flag drafted a Resolution for adoption by the State Republican Convention. This Resolution denounced Governor Barnes and Demanded a Referendum of the People on the Flag. First, however, through designated liaisons with each campaign, we formally presented a draft of the Resolution to both candidates for State Republican Chairman, Mr. Ralph Reed and Mr. David Shafer. Both candidates signified their support of the Resolution.

Upon obtaining the support of the two major candidates, we presented this Resolution to the Committee on Resolutions of the Convention. With the endorsement of the future State Chairman, this Resolution should have been reported out to the Convention without difficulty or delay. However, the Committee, by a vote of 9 to 2, killed the Resolution. According to our information, the only two affirmative votes were Mr. Patrick Cork and Mr. Benny King, both supporters of Mr. Shafer. The other nine Members who voted to kill the Resolution were supporters of Mr. Reed.

This setback did not deter us. We assumed with Charity that Mr. Reed had not been able to timely communicate his Wishes to his supporters on the Committee on Resolutions. Encouraging us in this ASSumption, Mr. Reed appeared Saturday morning at the SCV booth and reiterated his strong support for our Resolution and restoration of the Cross of Saint Andrew to the State Flag. Therefore, we moved forward with the Resolution from the floor. The introduction of the Resolution was greeted with substantial applause from an overwhelming majority of the Delegates.

Immediately after the Introduction of the Flag Resolution, a Substitute Motion was introduced referring "all other Resolutions" to the State Republican Executive Committee. This Substitute Motion was the source of Confusion. It was not clear whether "all other Resolutions" included or excluded the Flag Resolution. This Confusion was compounded by the Chairman of the Convention, The Honorable Bob Barr. His phrasing of the Question by on Adoption of the Substitute Motion led many to believe that the Substitute Motion applied to all other Resolutions other than the Flag Resolution. However, after passage of the Substitute Motion, Chairman Barr ruled that the Flag Resolution had been defeated.

We immediately objected and held conference at the Podium with the Parliamentarian of the Convention, Mr. John White. Parliamentarian White agreed that the Question had been Incorrectly Phrased and that there was Confusion in the Minds of the Delegates as to the meaning of an Aye or Nea Vote. In Remedy, it was Agreed that Immediately after the Announcement of the State Chairman's Election Result, that Microphone No. 5 would be recognized for the purpose of a Motion to Reconsider the Substitute Motion so that the Flag Resolution could be Voted on Directly by the Convention.

Mr. Shafer and the lady candidate then appeared to announce their Concessions and move that Mr. Reed be elected unanimously, which Motion was never voted upon. Then, Mr. Reed appeared and gave his Acceptance Speech. Immediately after the Speech by Mr. Reed, we were Prepared to Offer the Prearranged and Agreed Motion. However, to our Great Surprise and in Violation of our Agreement, Chairman Barr gaveled the Convention to adjournment without recognizing Microphone 5. We rushed to the Podium and were told by Mr. White that he was sorry but there was nothing that he could do.

I believe this Second Betrayal of our Heritage by the Republican Party of Georgia is worse than the first by Governor Barnes. In Remedy, we should demand that the State Executive Committee take action on the Flag Resolution as submitted and agreed to by Mr. Reed, now State Republican Chairman.


Ralph Reed with flaggers at recent Cobb County event


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