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June 2005

June 30 Atlanta: There they go again! - Commentary by J.A. Davis 
June 30 Ten Commandments Supreme Court Score: Judicial Activism 18 - Constitution 0 - 
June 30 Who supports using your tax dollars to send American jobs to India will know in November 2006 - 
June 30 Property seizures in bull's-eye -  Speaking of "bull," Sen. Eric "Land-Grab" Johnson now says he's forming a committee to 'study' the issue...
June 30 Atlanta's NASCAR bid under wraps -- Despite millions in public money, secrecy rules -  Sonny did predict a strong secrecy front...and Georgia pays for more Atlanta development!
June 30 Homeowners stand firm despite high-court ruling - 
June 30 CAFTA Should Be Rejected Just Like The EU Constitution - Phyllis Schlafly 
June 30 Action Alert: CAFTA in the U.S. Senate -!
June 30 White House covered up immigration study? -  Federal survey showed Bush 'amnesty' plan encouraged illegals to enter
June 30 Mexican bigots get even for Speedy Gonzalez and Frito Bandito - AP  Mexican Racism cited as good reason to kill CAFTA treaty...Bush wouldn't want to reward bigots would he?
June 29 Remembering Shelby Foote - Commentary by J.A. Davis 
June 29 Perdue's ethical slip likely to haunt him during '06 campaign -  Perdue 'ethics' are a joke!!
June 29 The Office of Campus Car Alarms - Mike S. Adams  Adams proposes a new name for "Diversity" programs...
June 29 Author examines statements from dying Confederate soldiers - Ron Wynn  Book Review
June 29 Cagles Cartoon Index - Eminent Domain 
June 29 Eminent domain decision disturbing -  WHY did the bill to protect property rights fail in GLENN RICHARDSON's House?
June 29 Confiscating Property - Walter Williams 
June 29 Lawmakers target eminent domain -  WHY won't Georgia limit eminent domain?? The GA GOP wants this idea kept secret
June 29 “Gimme five!” US Republicans’ amoral minority - Godfrey Hodgson 
June 29 The States’ Rights Tradition Nobody Knows - Thomas E. Woods, Jr. 
June 28 Destructive Supremes: Will Congress do its duty? - Commentary by J.A. Davis 
June 28 Go Back To Where You Came From -  Across the country, a grassroots backlash against illegals is building
June 28 Property rites - Thomas Sowell 
June 28 Armed robe-ery: Supreme Court heists property rights - Doug Powers 
June 28 Feds Forcing Mental Health Screening of Kids - Ron Paul, M.D.  This is the "No Child Left Unmedicated" program...
June 28 The Supreme Court, God and us - Bill Murchison 
June 28 Hairsplitting at the Court - George Will 
June 27 Chicken Perdue--THIS time, he ain't lying - X-Files
June 27 Grassroots:3 - Looking at the concept of targeting - 
June 27 Why failing to teach history is bad for democracy -  Revisionist history of the "Confederate" variety???
June 27 The System is Broken - Frank Conner 
June 27 Eminent injustice in New London - Jeff Jacoby 
June 27 This land WAS your land - Joseph Farah 
June 27 High Court to homeowners: Stick 'em up! - Paul Jacob 
June 27 Erasing America - Frosty Wooldridge 
June 27 Generation P - Mike S. Adams 
June 27 Cooking the educational books -  It's time to stop massaging the figures and tell the truth.
June 27 New interstate highways gain proponents - ABC 
June 27 The Growing Difference between Symbols and Substance - Billie Shipp 
June 26 Separating the Wheat from the Chaff - Commentary by J.A. Davis 
June 26 Time for state to act to protect property rights -  Sonny's Secrecy Forecast
June 26 Tentative Public Schedule for Governor Sonny Perdue, who says he did not say what he said! - 
June 26 E-mails Troublesome for Ralph Reed - 
June 26 Sonny Perdue wants to bring these problems to Georgia -  Bush and Perdue do the Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Shuffle
June 26 CORRUPTION: The Fantastic Four: Abramoff, Scanlon, Reed and DeLay - 
June 26 Reed e-mails upset anti-gambling allies - 
June 26 Draft Donnie Kennedy Campaign For President in 2008 - 
June 25 SCV PRESS RELEASE: R.E. Lee Statue and the National Park Service  National Park Service buys private property with Lee statue...
June 25 This Ain't Your Father's National Park Service - Commentary by Bill Vallante  PART 2 of 2
June 25 Your personal information for sale at foreign call centers? - 
June 24 This Ain't Your Father's National Park Service - Commentary by Bill Vallante  PART 1 of 2
June 24 Eminent Domain Ruling Labeled 'a Horrible Precedent' -  U.S. Newswire || Bluegrass Institute || Macon Telegraph || Wall Street Journal || League of the South
June 24 Cagle challenges Reed to document tribal ties - AP 
June 24 Reed's bill of goods -  Facts on casino scandal show GOP candidate's squeaky-clean persona could use some WD-40
June 24 Enlightening the stupid, God-fearing Georgia redneck - Mike S. Adams 
June 24 Senate Bill Would Grant FBI Unlimited Access To Gun Sales Records - 
June 24 Backers give Reed benefit of the doubt -  Reed's Grass Roots rolling across Georgia
June 24 The Nanny State of the Union - Mark Alexander 
June 24 Smoking ban shakes up restaurants - 
June 24 Perdue installs his own lawyer on state's highest court -  Can you say CRONY? Can you say PAYOFF? Can you say UNQUALIFIED?
June 24 Perdue: Legislature cannot be trusted with HOPE money - 
June 23 Gold Star Mothers set up for media attacks - Commentary by Jim Dean 
June 23 Judicial Activism continues full speed ahead -  Court makes property seizure powers unlimited
June 23 Southern Poverty Law Center repeats Fake Breslin quotes - latest attack on Rev. Sheldon
June 23 E-mails: Reed knew tribal money funded anti-gambling campaigns - 
June 23 More American jobs to India by Bank of America ... - 
June 23 Americans to immigrants: Get with the melting pot -  Poll shows huge majority want foreigners to integrate, learn English for citizenship
June 23 Confederate Currency -  Rebel bills rise again
June 23 Patriot Act and Real ID: Farewell to Liberty - Nancy Levant 
June 23 Battle at The Border: The War Few Discuss in Washington - Jim Kouri 
June 23 Oak Ridge: our de facto border - Terrence Jeffrey 
June 23 Top Civil War Battle Fields - Marvin Olasky 
June 22 The Hysterical Channel - Commentary by Bill Vallante 
June 22 Grassroots: Ballot Access defined and first step on developing campaign plan - 
June 22 Coke, EU reach deal - 
June 22 South Carolina NAACP says it will continue boycott -  Thank goodness they're not coming back to Augusta this year, no telling what city officials would desecrate or destroy to appease those bigots!
June 22 The Globalists' Best Friend: Americans' Ignorance - Steven Yates 
June 22 Do We Want This? (Medical Naziism) - Walter Williams 
June 21 Snapshot of the Social/Political Scene - Commentary by J.A. Davis 
June 21 Civil War era-ball recalls bygone days - 
June 21 Reed role, not testimony, on panel agenda - 
June 21 Allow Us To Introduce: The Spinners! - Political Vine 
June 21 Soon To Be On CD and DVD: The 'Ralph Reed Hustle'... - Political Vine  We think 'Bad Girls' is sure to be on the CD...cause Ralphie likes dancing
June 20 Christophobes endure hardships - Commentary by Michael Kilpatrick 
June 20 The Women of Kennesaw Mountain - Commentary by Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. 
June 20 The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag - Leon Puissegur 
June 20 Illegal Immigration: A Small Town Cop's Perspective - Frosty Wooldridge 
June 19 Perdue to pay $1,900 fine for ethical lapses - 
June 19 Golf trip raises doubts -  Reed's fellow players had link to casino
June 19 A Decade of Reed - Matthew Continetti  
June 19 Fatherly Advice From Robert E. Lee - Richard G. Williams, Jr. 
June 19 Atlanta Journal Report shows Coke decline ... - 
June 19 University of Michigan seeks probe of Coke's Colombia operations - 
June 19 The Women of Kennesaw Mountain - Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. 
June 17 What Europe Really Needs -  Marxism and central planning have failed worldwide...yet Americans---having lost touch with their American heritage of Liberty and seeking a return to failed European models---continue to believe in a mythical "government solution" to economic prosperity.
June 16 Flaggers aren't 'soreheads,' but believe Perdue lied - 
June 16 'Special-interest groups' win fight over Georgia flag - 
June 16 Reed's gambling ties might dog him on campaign trail - AP 
June 16 Alabama lawmaker wants Reed inquiry - 
June 16 Grassroots: How early should I start campaigning? - 
June 16 Welcome to America, All Trespassers Will be Rewarded - Dianna Spingola 
June 15 The Southern Party: We need your help - 
June 15 Another example of why the so-called Free Trade is really 'Expensive Trade' - 
June 15 Reed an albatross for GOP -  Party stands to suffer in 2006 if candidate doesn't withdraw
Reed's PHONY GRASS ROOTS Campaign exposed...
June 15 Mexico drug war result of NAFTA? -  Experts see violence, instability, narco-terror as unintended consequences of regional treaty
June 15 Combating Immigration Fraud - Jim Kouri 
June 15 Patriot Act is Dismantling Constitutional Guaranteed Liberties - Pastor Chuck Baldwin 
June 14 Will Patriot Act join National ID, Expensive Trade Treaties (NAFTA, CAFTA), and Threats on Filibuster? - Mike Crane 
June 14 For some observers, history repeating itself - MSNBC  SPLC still preaching their bigotry and hate
June 14 Hearings set on moving key Confederate sites -  Squeezed by VCU, museum and White House seek options
June 14 Choosing lesser evils - Dorothy Sees  SPLC still preaching their bigotry and hate
June 14 Philadelphia students must take black studies - AP  School district will be nation’s first to require such courses...(can you say "indoctrination?")
June 14 The high cost of nuances - Thomas Sowell 
June 14 TB or not TB? - Cal Thomas 
June 14 The Battle in Georgia -  Cagle v. Reed
June 14 Texas Indians' brief prosperity undone by politicians - Taipei Times  RALPH REED leads the charge!
June 13 Legislators question MARTA on finances -  Just say NO to State funding of MARTA!!! The Atlanta elites are trying DESPERATELY to saddle Georgia with the bill... More Georgia vs. Atlanta
June 13 Report faults ACVB staff -  Atlanta's Economic Stupidity Continues
June 13 Separating school and state - Jeff Jacoby 
June 13 How Illegal Immigration is Sending Schools Into the Red - 
June 13 Mexico's blind eye to al-Qaida activity - WND 
June 13 Consequences of Too Many People - Frosty Wooldridge  UNcontrolled Immigration is national suicide!! For uncontrolled growth, just look at Atlanta!
June 13 Enough is Enough - Joyce Morrison  This sad story illustrates what will happen to Georgia when Atlanta gains control of all the water resources...
June 12 The Southern Party: Strengths and Weaknesses - 
June 12 The slavery shakedown - Jeff Jacoby 
June 12 SLAVERY INFO BILL IS DEAD, WEEK OF JUNE 9-15, 2005   Reparations crusaders in NC suffer setback...
June 12 Ralph Reed: a front-runner with baggage - AP  Ralph Reed is "laundering his resume" says former colleague...
June 12 5 years into boycott, effect tapers - 
June 12 General Polk set an example in life and death - MDJonline 
June 12 Who's Really for Limited Government? - Paul Jacob 
June 10 Identifying rednecks... - Commentary by Frank Gillispie 
June 10 When racial politics is OK - Commentary by Jim Dean 
June 10 Taj MaFault -  A peek at Elitist Atlanta Ego-Trips...they want to build the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra monument with state money...
June 10 Battle Over Confederate Symbols in Tenn. - AP  Memphis bigots attack Davis and Forrest statues
June 10 Reed has Georgia GOP Politics On Fire - 
June 10 Petition to Secure Our Borders - 
June 10 Internationalizing U.S. Roads - Phyllis Spivey 
June 9 Slavery Hypocrisy Runneth Over - Commentary by John Wayne Dobson 
June 9 Illegal Immigration, Diversity & Crime - Commentary by Jim Dean 
June 9 Steak & Ale, Bennigan's drop Coke -  Coke death spiral accelerates...
June 9 Illegal Alien Killers, Rapists and Robbers - Jim Kouri  Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police. He's also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.
June 9 Vote Expected on Bill Pryor this Thursday - Judicial Activism in process ... - 
June 9 A Bug in Windows GOP -  Miscrosoft more afraid of Ralph Reed...or homosexual activists?
June 9 Is your security guard an illegal alien? - Terrence Jeffrey 
June 9 The Minute Man Project: Illegal Alien Employers Beware - Frosty Wooldridge 
June 9 'Mexican Nazis' in L.A. - Geo-political analyst decries anti-Semitic Hispanic radicals -   "Mexican Nazis who call themselves Reconquistas...Their hatred for America is equaled only by their hatred of Jews."
June 9 Islam on march south of border - WND  Mexico agrees to monitor foreign groups as Muslim recruitment rate skyrockets
June 9 Review of Tom Woods' Politically Incorrect Guide to American History - Bernard Chapin 
June 9 Victimhood: Rhetoric Or Reality - Walter Williams 
June 7 Special Interests vs. The People - case #Nov-2006, court of public opinion - Part 4 - Mike Crane 
June 7 Gaming foes banked on Ralph Reed - 
June 7 Group tries to teach history without hate - AP 
June 7 Boycott matters to NAACP, apparently not to most - AP  Many have known the SC boycott was a joke for some time, but now the media acknowledges the farce.
June 5 Lee's Cadets youth program seeks to preserve Southern heritage, culture - AP 
June 5 Confederate ironclad wreckage may rise again - 
June 5 United Daughters of the Confederacy dedicates new grave marker in Macon - 
June 5 Georgia lawmakers send aides on more free trips than themselves - AP  More ETHICS from our Georgia leadership
June 4 Augusta Legislator Charles Walker convicted of fraud -  Guilty on 127 counts: Sen. Charles Walker removed from office. What's more important in a candidate: Integrity? or skin color?
June 4 NAACP's S.C. Boycott Having Little Impact - AP 
June 4 U.S. speaks out against slavery Countries accused of failing to do enough to stop human trafficking - AP  WHERE is the NAACP on this issue? They're too busy protesting flags in South Carolina and other states.
June 4 Gambling, GOP politics intertwine -  "Casino payments seen as influential"...and RALPH REED is in the center of it
June 3 Jefferson Davis Birthday E-cards - DixieRising  Observe the birth of a Great American June 3rd.
June 3 Vasquez Speaks Out - Commentary by Jim Dean 
June 3 June Lobbying Check list for The Georgia FAIR Vote Act - HB 15 - 
June 3 Facts are Facts! Right to Bear Arms Saves Lives - John Newby 
June 2 A Small Measure of Coca-Cola's Betrayal - Commentary by Billy Bearden 
June 2 Supreme Court upholds Religious Freedom in RLUIPA - Commentary by Dr. Paul E. Bellino 
June 2 Illegals Invading America: Something You Can Do - Devvy Kidd 
June 2 Alabama Middle School Drops Klan Founder's Name -  The ethnic cleansing of Dixie marches on...and the slander of a General Forrest continues...
June 2 Christians No Different From The World - Pastor Chuck Baldwin 
June 2 Police tactics against illegal immigrants decried by protesters - AP  What part of 'ILLEGAL' can they not grasp?
June 2 Destroying effective policing - Walter E. Williams 
June 1 Kill The Bill of Rights - Jon Christian Ryter 
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