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Joan Hough
Joan Hough

Joan Hough is a Southern lady from an old Louisiana family now living in Houston, TX. She is the widow of two decorated military husbands.



What must the percentage be now? In the year 2000, according to the U.S. Census reports I am now getting, LEGAL Hispanics made up 40 percent of the population in the Houston area. This was true for the entire state of Texas. Considering the percentage of all “browns” then, whites moved in 2000 way down on the population totem poll. When one considers the vast daily flood of illegals pouring in from foreign lands, there can be no doubt that white faces are not now (and will in future days not be) often seen on the streets of Texas. Further proof of the disparity can be readily observed if one takes a drive through various areas in Houston; the signs on stores cannot even be translated by most white citizens.

Voters in Texas polls can expect a continuation of the multi-languages approach to voting and a large percentage of white citizens can expect to react in a manner identical to that I mentioned in my “Tower of Babble” commentary still on the GHC site.

The Asians have increased in numbers to such an extent that they are no longer eligible for special goodies handed out routinely to minorities. We Gringo types are, definitely, the new minority. I wonder what we white eyes will get to sweeten our new underdog status? I suspect that the “getting even” approach will be employed, rather than the “even-Steven” one—and that those in power will chant “Yeah-yeah-yeah! Serves you right, Gringos!”

The Mexican aliens, however, due to their poverty, may continue to get those special concessions accorded “the underprivileged.”

All of this leaves me wondering if at least our so-long-discriminated-against white males can get some special consideration--—but, of course, I realize that this is impossible. Poor things, they have been so left out of it all—probably due to the fact that some “old white persons” of their sex had the audacity to crack a few heads and kill some folks and to create a republic known as the United States of America. They even shot at the nice Mexican guys later who were trying to take the Alamo! Why, if those geriatric geezers had just been content to remain under Mother England’s sheltering wings, the Mexicans, no matter where they lived in the land on the western side of the continent, would be able to enjoy the wonders the Mexican government now affords all the inhabitants of the great and prosperous country called Mexico.

Golly-- Gee! Just think! Mexico would own America from shining sea to El Toro (the new name for what was Louisiana before its people, lacking English-Scot audacity, went back under Spanish control). And forget the fact that the men involved in the beginning of our nation and in the annexation of Texas were not old decrepit guys, at all---but vital, virile human males with fire in their guts and dreams of a manifest destiny in their heads.

The Texas Hispanics are yelping loudly about rewriting Texas history books so that their “truths” about the War of American Imperialism against poor Mexico will be revealed for what it really was-----U.S. white men’s effort to crush a highly developed civilization of brilliant brown people—--or should I have said, to crush a country filled with people whose ancestors, already, had caved in to cruel invaders from Spain?

Those brown folks are convinced that had that American-caused war not occurred, they would, indeed, be experiencing the wonderful government of their beloved motherland (Mexico, not Spain) right here in Houston----Wow and Whoopee! Oh, the excitement of drug wars, murders, and Serape poverty! Who would want to miss that? "Today the South & West, tomorrow the continent!" (Poor Mexicans hoping to make some honest money and get free hospital care might find traveling to----say, Cuba---a bit arduous, but they are persistent, so, no doubt would prove successful paddle handlers.)

If the Mexicans now enjoying free public education here in Houston want the public schools (mind you, which are U.S.A. schools created by Gringos)--—I say, if the Mexicans want these white-man-organized schools to teach the Mexican kids Mexican science fiction and myths, it would be far simpler for the brown folks to take their kids back home where they may experience the superior educational programs offered by the superior academic institutions in superior Mexico. It would be marvelous for all--because the schools there in old Mehheko surely will observe all of the colorful Mexican holiday festivals, hat dances, Saints’ Days and whatever. In the schools there, the Mexican heroes of the Mexican War can be genuflected to right there in the elementary schools anytime six-year-olds and their proud parents want to do so. [Webmaster Note: See the photo below; they are bringing Mexico to the U.S. right now!]

The word here abouts is that the Mexicans are organizing lickity-spit into a grand group dedicated to take back the Southwest.
[ See the photos & Mexica website from March 25, 2006 in Los Angeles ]
Why, I can hear the illegals now demanding, demanding, and demanding their “rights” in the U.S.A. There is yet another group swearing to take the land back and put it under the wing of the Mexican government legally, the vote! I, also, hear the Catholic priests pledging their never-ending support to all law-breaking border crawlers.

Radical Mexican Reconquistas in California, May 2005
Complete with photos and video clips you'll never see on TV

We Gringos have been brainwashed by the communications media and by the major wings of the Republican and Democrat parties to the point that we are now just entirely so well-mannered and liberal and compassionate that we are perfectly prepared to be taken over by citizens of just any foreign nation.

Our money-worshipping leaders have handed over our ports to folks destined to be our blood enemies—and not only to the Arabs, but to the Chinese. Because the ugly buyers have such pretty smiles and so much money, they become like that gal named Brenda, who had a face like a dented-in fenda, but her pappy had money which made her a honey with beauty and glamour no enda. (The Communist Chinese now operating our California ports and the Canal that Mr. Peanut gave away, maybe are not official China government personnel, but definitely are Commie Chinese and not Americans. The Chinese, of course, do smile quite prettily, but there are still a few of us Americans who happen to remember that the Red Chinese had just such pretty smiles when they tortured American POWs in Korea. And some of us do not forget.

Our money grabbers are eager to sell our freedom to anybody with the dinero (What do they call money in the lands of sand and camels---—dinars?) so more ports will be handed over to foreigners once the American public returns to its usual state of slumber.

Can it be that the new brand of American traitors, so eager to sell our ports to outsiders, believe they will be immune after the “take over” to the treatment to be given by the enemies to the rest of us regular, non filthy-rich Americans? As for our government officials, who so brazenly contend that the port buyers are such good friends to America that they will never, never, never sneak enemies or enemy weapons through “their” ports, will these American officials soon offer us an opportunity to buy the Golden Gate?

Our “Conservative,” “Religious” President (AKA El Presidente Bush) is proudly taking us all into the ‘NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY”---an easy feat for him and his Daddy Warbucks cronies to accomplish since the U.S. Constitution is, as they are convincing us dumb American masses, “just a piece of paper.” (But is it?) [NAFTA, CAFTA and the UN do seem to nullify that dusty old 'piece of paper.']

I, for one, remember when the President’s nephew---that son of Florida’s governor---gave speeches in Mexico promising that the U.S. borders would become a thing of the past. The boy was only echoing what he heard at his Uncle’s knee--—and, no doubt, at the knee of his Mommy.

How horrified and saddened must be the assimilated Latino population who came to the U.S. aspiring for full citizenship and who fulfilled all the pre-requisites for such and now pay their total allegiance to our nation. Decent U.S. citizens certainly don’t want to see this wonderful portion of our population tarred with the same brush earned by the law-breakers flooding over U.S. borders. Our true, red, white and blue Americans are ones who scorn those Latino legals who continue to hyphenate their nationality as in Mexican-American. Their scorning earns our admiration.

While we were sleeping the invaders arrived here and they are continuing to arrive and some of us are continuing to sleep. The invading horde is receiving great assistance in crossing the “bar”—in fact the President of the United States and his compadres in BOTH political parties are, busily, passing out poles so the aliens from many lands can pole-vault their brown bodies right across that Rio Grande --their back packs packed with any and everything. While their Presidente Fox and his gang insist that we make the desert bloom with water fountains for their coming into the U.S., the Mexican government, itself, holds in excrement-filled, germy barrios, illegals seeking homes in Mexico.
[ Mexican government officials organize 'immigrant protests' in Georgia and across the U.S. ]

And now there are to be the laws passed by Congress making the expressing of one’s thoughts a “hate crime” if one happens to say anything the powers that control the nation now declare may hurt the feelings of persons of other ethnic groups. Churches are to lose their tax exemption if they dare voice ideas not approved by Congress, the President and the IRS. (When the black churches were politicking all over the nation, where was this little law then? And why aren’t the Catholic priests who aid and abet law breaking being taken to task?) Gringo church leaders had best not tell their members that one political candidate is a member of their church and is really a good person! Ministers who dare to speak out against homosexuality and man-boy “love” will find themselves jailed, perhaps sent to prison for performing “hate” crimes.

Golly-bum! Our nation has been taken over by a force that makes Adolph Hitler look like a panty-waist. This take over makes Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, look like Ned’s pre-primer and makes George Orwell’s 1984 world, look like a highly desirable one. The big change may not be evident to all Americans at this time, but eventually light will come into their darkness and, with their blindness gone, they will see what is reality.

And all of this bull about the new immigrants being just what the old ones were is just that---bull! The old immigrants were legal, mostly white, mostly Protestant, and eager to be Americans in every conceivable way. They paid no homage to the old world. The United States became their own—--their alma mater. They came not to take, but to give.

Some of my own late arriving (in the 1700's) Irish ancestor immigrants were only allowed into the Carolinas by declaring themselves white and Protestants. Those of my English kin arriving in the 1600's were, definitely, not Catholics and not brown. They became devoted Americans--totally avoiding any hyphen in their nationalities--no Irish hyphen American or English hyphen American bull for them!

It is going to be fun to stick around awhile longer and see if there is a shred of gumption left in the Gringos of America. It’ll even be a feather in my cap to be accused of jingoism, discrimination, xenophobia, red neck-name calling, bigotry, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum. As a white Southerner, I long ago became inured to those kinds of attacks. They’re like water on a duck’s back that becomes a great reward to the little duck, and causes her to quack louder and louder until she is loud enough for all the others, the mama and papa ducks and their little ducks to be alerted and start their own ruckus.

When a Northern University professor declared that following the War for Southern Independence, all smart Southerners went North, I learned that being a lil’ sweet Southern girl does not always guarantee kind treatment from natural enemies.

Contact Joan Hough at

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See other photos from the Mexica movement rallies the last week of March 2006.


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