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Illegal Immigration and Sovereignty of The People

Illegal Immigration and Sovereignty of The People â€“ Commentary by Frank Gillispie 6/22/11

One of the key principles on which our nation was founded is that the right to govern comes from the people. We do not allow any king, dictator, priest
or civic club (or "civil rights group") to determine the laws under which we live. We the people choose from among our neighbors people to represent
us in the various legislative bodies, then require them to act according to the wishes of the majority. Clearly then, the governments of other nations
have no standing in this activity.

But, they are trying to interfere in our decision making anyway. Georgia’s legislature has passed, and our governor has signed a bill designed to
help control and eliminate people from other nations from illegally entering our country, and take money from the taxpayers in the form of welfare,
medical and housing assistance, and education for their children. (See Georgia’s
House Bill 87) The bill is scheduled to go into effect on July 1,

Immediately, a bunch of left wing groups filed legal action to try to block this bill. They argue that questions of immigration are to be made at the
federal level and that the states have no authority to protect themselves from these illegals.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, the
Southern Poverty Law Center
(SPLC) and other so called "Civil rights" groups are behind this effort. They have been joined by eleven central American and south American nations, along
with Mexico who contribute a major portion of the illegal immigrants currently in our state.

For more on SPLC, see the Hate Watch page and
the quotes/links below.

The state of Georgia defends the law by saying that the federal government has failed in its responsibility to protect the state and nation from
foreign nationals who cross our borders without proper permits, and with the failure of the federal government, state governments have no choice
but to take local action to protect our legal citizens from losses caused by these illegals.

I agree with the state’s action. As I said earlier, the right to govern begins with the individual citizens of our cities counties and states. The
federal government was intended to deal with those areas that require joint action by the states, like protecting our borders from illegals. But
when the federal government fails to provide that protection, then it becomes the responsibility of the states to provide as much protection as
possible. That is the situation here.

Georgia has the right and responsibility to protect her citizens from these illegal immigrants and the social and economic cost they inflict on
our legal citizens.

I think that the nations of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru and Mexico should
concentrate their efforts on improving their own nations so that their citizens will prefer to stay home rather than run away to the United States
in search of a better life. I guess they just don’t mind the embarrassment.

Copyright © 2011 by Frank, Hull, GA

Sidebar on Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

In a civil society, proven racists, bigots, and hate mongers deserve rejection. This report shows that the SPLC, while claiming to hold high the
banner of tolerance, failed to observe basic standards of responsible judgment, honest reporting, and simple human decency. It preferred to engage
in character assassination.

The SPLC is entitled to its opinion. But it cannot pose as a non-partisan watchdog when it fabricates and distorts evidence to delegitimize one
side of the immigration debate while it is actually working as an ally of the opposing side. Claiming to act in the name of tolerance, the SPLC
has tried to destroy it.
---Jerry Kammer, Center for Immigration Studies,
Southern Poverty Law Center Smear Campaign

"Despite the group's [SPLC] assertion, there is not a proliferation of hate groups, just an ever expanding definition of 'hate' the SPLC uses to
include perfectly mainstream conservatives and opponents of illegal immigration..." --Marcus Epstein, von Mises Institute, from
The SPLC Feels Your Hate


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